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GWO Basic Technical Training course

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AID Renewables

Welcome to AID Renewables

GWO Approved Training for Wind Turbines

AID Renewables provides GWO Approved Wind Turbine Safety Training Courses.

AID Renewables

Welcome to AID Renewables

Specialist Rope Access Services and Consulting

Let us advise you on safety plans, provide supervisors or even undertake those difficult access tasks for you.


Welcome to AID Renewables

Suppliers of Safety Equipment and PPE.

We supply a range of specialised safety equipment for Wind Turbines including Personal Protective Equipment.


What We Do?

AID Renewables is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and provides training, services and equipment for wind turbines.

service 1

GWO Training

Global Wind Organisation approved training.

service 2

Rope Access

We provide specialised rope access services and consulting.

service 3


We supply specialised safety equipment and PPE.

This is what we do!

project 1

GWO Training - First Aid

project 2

Operational work at Darling, W Cape

project 3

We supply PPE including Harnesses, Helmets, Ropes and Connectors for work at height

project 4

GWO Training - Fire Awareness

project 5

Operational work at Darling, W Cape

project 6

Actsafe Power Ascenders

project 7

project 8

GWO Training - Working at Heights


project 9

Operational work at Darling, W Cape

  • project 1


    GWO - First Aid

  • project 2

    Operational Work

    Darling, W Cape

  • project 3

    Personal Protective Equipment

    For Wind Energy and Rope Access

  • project 4

    GWO Training

    Fire Awareness

  • project 5

    Operational Work

    Darling, W Cape

  • project 6


    Power Ascenders

  • project 7

    GWO Training

    Work at Heights

  • project 8

    Operational Work

    Darling, W Cape

  • project 9

    More to come...

Who We Are?

AID Renewables is the FIRST organisation to be fully accredited in South Africa to run Global Wind Organisation courses. We are proud to work with Technically experienced trainers and Consultants Internationally to deliver these engaging and fully accredited courses.
We offer GWO training in our GWO-audited training centre in Cape Town, South Africa.
So if you are looking for Wind Energy training courses for your wind turbine technicians, please talk to us!

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell


Tjebbe Roesternburg

Tjebbe Roesternburg



Beth Roesternburg


About Us

Our vision is to deliver high quality training that mitigates potential safety hazards to ensure a safe work environment
for anyone working in the renewables industry in Africa.

Core Values
At AID Renewables, our core values mirror that of our sister Company, AID Consultancy International Limited, based in the UK. Our core values are at the centre of everything we do. They are what make us unique because they set out how we act and behave, and define our decisions and actions.

We build trust, behave honestly and aspire to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

Quality and Assurance
We are committed to ongoing improvement for ourselves and our clients, and compliance with laws and regulations.

We follow and uphold standards, actively seek feedback and provide a unique skills set.

We are passionate about managing risk to ensure people, customers and the community we work with are safe, now and in the future.

Best Value
We optimise value for our customers through good practice and continuous improvement.

We work collaboratively with a solutions focused approach. We encourage people to challenge established practices.

AID Renewables is a member of the South African Wind Energy Association.

GWO Wind Training

  • First Aid

  • Manual Handling

  • Fire Awareness

  • Working at Heights

  • Basic Technical Training (Mechanical, Electric & Hydraulic)

Global Wind Organisation

Safety is the number one priority for the companies in the global wind industry and to contribute to a better and safer work environment, Global Wind Organisation was setup by 13 leading wind power companies in 2009.
The aim of GWO is to strive for an injury free work environment in the wind turbine industry, through cooperation among the members, in setting common standards in safety training and emergency procedures.

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Member of SAWEA

High standards of safety lead to high standards of productivity.


What Our Clients Say

AID Renewables has trained and equipped some of the largest Wind Energy companies.

"Very relevant course material. Good subject matter knowledge. Relevant to the wind industry."

client 1 Lindi Client

"It was a great learning opportunity and fun to do."

client 2 Aran Client

"Well thought our exercises. I gained not only experience but confidence as well. Great job. "

client 3 Micheal Client

"Training is about more than safety, it is about productivity too."

Our Clients

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